Most people don't know what to pick from a spa menu. That is why we created the Glo Signature Facial. This service allows one of our skin experts to provide exactly what your skin needs. We use as many tools as necessary to get the best results! This could include dermaplane with ultrasound and chemical peel...etc. No surprise add ons or upcharges.


An effective and safe exfoliation treatment using a surgical-grade blade to “shave” off dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to encourage skin rejuvenation. Skin benefits include better absorption of products, skin feels and looks smoother, minimizes appearance of fine lines, and eliminates soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils.


This 30 minute facial is perfect for a quick dermaplane or for the person who is looking to get a quick deep clean and extractions. Also perfect for a teen.

HYDROGLO | $75-$175

Hydrodermabrasion uses water- based solutions as a base in combination with tips and serums. The process gently removes dead skin cells with a strong suction and does an amazing job at exfoliating and massaging the epidermis, increase blood flow and collagen production while causing absolutely no pain or discomfort.

*Can be paired with Microcurrent & LED, Radio Frequency or Oxygen Infusion!


Experience real change in your skin with our DMK treatments. Unlike most treatments that just target the top layer of skin, DMK uses enzymes to penetrate all the dermal layers and improves how your cells work from the inside out! This facial is like nothing else you have had, best when done in a series. Each treatment will be different from the previous, artfully customized to help your skin reach it's healthiest state!


Alkaline Wash swells and softens the skin resulting in pores opening up which allows us to extract clogged sebum, dirt and debris easily! Powerful treatment improves texture of your skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, helps with acne scarring, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, removes peach fuzz and so much more!



Meet with one of our highly trained estheticians for a complimentary skin assessment, address skin concerns, set skincare goals and create a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your skin's needs.