Boise's most relaxing and luxurious massage

Exclusive to Glo, our signature massage is essentially a full-body skin treatment and massage in one. Featuring your choice of Eminence Stone Crop or Apricot body oil (or unscented if you prefer), along with Eminence Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream, and Wildflower Ultralight Oil for optional included facial massage, you will float out of the spa feeling blissfully relaxed with hydrated skin from head to toe.

Sink into our warmed massage table in a cozy candlelit room, and trust that you're in the best hands with Kim's 18 years of massage experience, having worked in exclusive spas along with 9 years of private practice prior to joining the team at Glo. Your session is custom-tailored to you, and will give you the deep rest and rejuvenation that your body is longing for.



About Kim Fisher

Kim Fisher has been a dedicated bodyworker for the past 15 years with a background in Thai massage and deep tissue work. Weaving together a slow and informed touch, the skill of deep listening, and a knack for finding patterns of strain that coalesce into knots in the body, she brings a restful and therapeutic approach to her clients that focuses on settling the nervous system to support the body in finding its own way toward releasing stored tension.