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Our organic spray tan solution delivers a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking tan, you'll swear you got it from the sun.


We are able to customize each tan for the perfect level of bronzed for any occasion. 

Choose from our two options to achieve a luminous sun-kissed glow without having to subject your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause aging, burning, and sometimes cancer.


No more waiting! With the freedom to rinse off the tan (with water only) in as little as 2 hours, leave on up to 4 hours for a richer, darker tan. Our rapid express tan is a client favorite!


When time is not an issue the original tan is a great option. Wear for 8-12 hours, even sleep in it! 


-Shower, shave and exfoliate prior to your tan.

-Do not use lotion or oils prior to your tan, as this can prevent the tanning solution from developing properly.

-If you would like your face sprayed come makeup free, we also have makeup wipes if needed.

-During the tanning session you can wear what you are comfortable with, bathing suit, underwear, or go naked. Most opt to go naked to avoid tan lines. Do whatever makes you most comfortable! We offer disposable thongs as well.

-It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing directly after your spray session. You may feel a little sticky but that should only last a few minutes.


-Wait the instructed amount of time before showering.

-DO NOT get wet or sweat before you have showered. This will leave marks.

-If it's raining the day of your spray session, wear clothes that will cover all areas that have been sprayed.

-After you shower, pat your skin dry with a towel, do not rub.

-Apply lotion after you have showered. Moisturize on a daily basis, the more hydrated your skin is the better your tan will look and the longer it will last. You can also buy our Tan Extender to extend the life of your tan.

-The less exfoliating you do, the better. Exfoliating and shaving will lessen the life of your tan.

-Swimming in chlorine, spending time in hot tubs, doing hot yoga or heavy sweating will also lessen the life of your tan.

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