Spray Tanning 101

Airbrush tanning, What exactly is it? Tanning solutions have an active ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It attaches to amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color. When those dead skin cells shed off, that’s when your tan starts coming off. Most of the time that’s between 5-7 days. We get a lot of questions when it comes to tanning. What should I wear? How long will it last? Will it make me orange? Here’s a few tips and tricks to make your tanning experience the best it can be.

First off, what’s the difference between a spray tan machine and an actual airbrush tan? The tanning booths don’t have an actual person spraying you, where an airbrush tan is applied by a person. This allows for the tan to be a lot more even and natural looking. Certain areas (elbows, ankles, hands and feet) need to be sprayed lighter, the machine will spray all the areas the same. Also having someone in there, gives the ability to look at the tan and fix accordingly. Always look at the tan after and if you have any concerns bring it up to your tanning specialist. That’s what they are there for!

Second, how do I get ready for a tan and what should I wear? You always want to shower and exfoliate the best you can before a tan. The more exfoliation you do before hand the better the tan will look and last. If you are going to shave you want to make sure you shave before your appointment. Do Not apply lotion or oil right before your tanning appointment. This can create a barrier and your tan might not turn out. If you shower in the morning and your appointment is hours later, you can apply lotion as it will be absorbed before your appointment time. If you tend to be very dry we highly recommend this. As for what to wear during the tan, it’s totally up to you! Bathing suit, underwear, but most people go naked. Who wants tan lines! We know it can be a little uncomfortable going completely naked but I promise we spray people naked all day long. It doesn’t bother us and we promise we aren’t judging anyone. Do whatever you are comfortable with. For after the tan, it’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may feel a little sticky but that should only last a few minutes.

Will I turn orange? No! Tanning solutions have come a lonnnggg way over the years. We have tried many different solutions and have picked out the solutions we think will give you the best color. It’s organic and honestly goes with everyone’s skin tone. No oompa loompa’s around here :).

Lastly, how do I take care of my tan after I’ve been sprayed. Your tanning specialist should give you after care instructions but here are a few tips. Wait however long you are instructed to shower. Make sure you DO NOT get wet or sweat before you have showered. This will leave marks. Also be careful if it’s raining the day you get a tan. After you shower make sure you pat yourself dry and don’t rub. Use lots of lotion after you have showered! The more hydrated your skin is the better the tan will look and last. You can always buy a tan extender to extend the life of your tan. The less exfoliating you do, the better. Exfoliating, shaving these both will lessen the life of your tan. Also swimming in chlorine, doing lots of hot yoga or heavy sweating will also lessen the life of your tan.

When in doubt, always ask questions. We are here to help and want you to have the best experience possible. Come get your Glo on with us!

Sincerely, Michelle


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