Skin Types Vs Skin Conditions

I had a hard time trying to decide where I wanted to start on my blog journey. I’ve never done anything like this, however, I love the educational aspect of skin care and being able to pass on as much knowledge to my clients as they can handle! I decided to start with some basics of skin care, skin types to be exact. I think many people have a difficult time discerning between their skin type and/or skin condition(s). I have come across plenty of clients who have even unknowingly considered them to be the same thing. Let’s start with the difference between your skin type and skin condition.

“Skin type is a description of how and why your skin looks, feels and behaves the way it does.” -Kristina Valiani (Dermascope Magazine) The most common skin types include: dry, normal, oily and combination.

To compare: “Conditions occur in many different skin types and include dehydration, dryness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia, wrinkles and acne, among other skin conditions.” -Kristina Valiani (Dermascope magazine)

For clarification purposes I will break down the skin types below. •Normal skin is the least common skin type. It consists of small, barely visible pores and well balanced lipids giving the skin a naturally radiant look. •Dry skin has tiny, almost impossible to see pore size with lack of free water. This skin type is more prone to accelerated aging (fine lines/wrinkles) and can have a dull or rough appearance. •Oily skin has large pores because of excess sebum production which leads to an oily appearance. This tends to leave the skin more prone to breakouts. •Combination skin is the most common skin type. It consists of larger pores (oily) through the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with smaller pores (normal or dry) on the cheeks and around the hairline.

The biggest misinterpretation I see is when clients confuse their dehydrated skin condition with having a dry skin type. Let’s break this down: Dry skin type means you have extremely small almost impossible to see pore size with lack of free water. Dehydrated skin condition is the feeling of dryness, tightness and lack of moisture which could be associated with any skin type.

If you ever have questions about any of these topics please feel free to ask us, we are always here to help! I hope you enjoyed my first blog, I look forward to sharing further knowledge with you in the future!

Sincerely, Kali

For more information

you can visit: (This is a great and reputable site for all of your skin care questions or concerns!)


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