Let’s Talk About Prevention!

Hey Late 20’s early 30 somethings I’m talking to you! The time is now to really start taking your skin care seriously. If you can slow down the aging process now, there will be a lot less work to do later on. Less work also = less money. There are a few things you can start doing now that will really make a huge difference down the road.

1st SPF, SPF, SPF! Everyone likes to have a little color, and vitamin D from the sun but SPF is so important to protect your skin from the aging process. Also, they make really good spray tans these days (I know a place ;)). I highly recommend a physical sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen. Not only is it so much better for your skin but it’s also better for the environment! Physical sunscreen reflects the sun and isn’t absorbed by your skin, while chemical sunscreen is. Physical sunscreen deflects the heat and actually keeps you cooler as opposed to chemical where you are absorbing the heat. We have a ton of different physical sunscreens at the spa to choose from!

2nd Finding a skin care routine that works for you. I can name a bunch of products that will make a difference in your skin but if you aren’t going to use them, then it doesn’t really matter. Find what you like and what you will use. Do your research, not every product is created equally. A LOT are filled with junk. Most products you can buy at any store have very little active ingredients. They may be cheaper but you will be going through them like crazy because you will feel like you need more and more. Some of the more expensive lines that you can only get in a spa, have a lot more active ingredients. That’s usually why they are more expensive. In most cases, they will last you quite a bit longer. When you do the math they honestly aren’t that much more expensive. Organic or botanical lines are going to be better for your skin. If you are paying attention to the chemicals going in your food, why aren’t you paying attention to the products you are putting on your face? As Esthetician’s we would love to recommend skin care that will be best for your skin’s needs. It is our job after all! We aren’t trying to “sell” you just to make a sale. We are trying to help you achieve the results you want. If you aren’t using good at-home skin care, then what we do at the spa is going to make very little difference in the long run. Think of us like your personal trainer, we can really take your skin to the next level, but what you do at home on a daily basis is going to make the biggest difference.

3rd Come see us for treatments! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to start seeing a difference in your skin. Getting a light peel, or a facial every 4-6 weeks really can get you results. Consistency is key. One or two facials a year is going to give you a beautiful glow for a few days, but it’s not going to make serious changes to your skin. Making the time to take care of ourselves is so important! When we have skin we feel comfortable in, our inner and outer beauty and confidence radiates! If you aren’t sure what to book, you can always book a free consult and we can discuss what it is you are trying to achieve. There is something for everyone!

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin, but the earlier the better. Beautiful skin is always in ;). We are here to help!




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